Common Workplace Injuries and Work Accidents

With the number of employed workers in the State of Florida being nearly 9.5 million in 2018 and expected to increase to nearly 10.5 million in 2026 according to the State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity; workplace accidents are unfortunately becoming more common throughout the state of Florida. Based upon the sheer number of workers, even the safest workplaces can lead to accidents that may take you out of the workforce for a prolonged period of time. Which is where workers’ compensation insurance comes in.

An injury that causes you to be unable to work and provide a living for you and your family can be one of the most devastating events an employee can suffer. The inability to maintain a quality of life you are accustom to, often at absolutely no fault of your own, can be both emotionally and physically draining. Workers’ compensation is intended to protect the injured by providing coverage for loss of income and medical expenses in the case of a work-related injury or illness.

Injuries Sustained by Workplace Accidents

Work-related injuries come in various forms that can lead to short-term loss of work to debilitating life-long injuries that can take you out of the workforce forever. These injuries are also not isolated to specific industries; work environments of all forms can lead to serious injuries. Whether you work in an office setting or a driver in the construction field; injuries can occur without notice. The most common injuries that occur in the workplace include:

Help With Your Work Injury Claim

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